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Check out our "how to" section for items relating to website design.






Website Design is not rocket science...

But I would argue that not everyone can do it, do it full time, and do it well.


The Links :

Follow these links, using them as a resource for more information about website design and the like.


General Website Design

Web Page Design for Designers

HTML Goodies


On Line Web Design Training and Certification

HTML Writers Guild


Web Usability

Jakob Nielsen's Website


Website Analysis

Site Solutions


Here are links to the major search engines. Some have free listings, others charge.


  1. Open Directory Project (free listing - handles Google & AOL search engines)
  2. Yahoo ($)
  3. Lycos ($)
  4. MSN BCentral (free)


Alta Vista ($ powered by Yahoo)

AlltheWeb ($ powered by Yahoo)
Google (free - powered by ODP)


5. Also, take the time (about 30 to 45 minutes) and fill out the forms to get a free listing on Verizon's Superpages.com. You will have opportunities to get an enhanced listing if you want, but at least start with their basic, free listing.

Verizon Superpages (free)


What we use, and recommend, if you want to get into website design:


For domain name registration we use www.wdib2b.com - .com domains for $8.95/yr.

For site design: Macromedia's Dreamweaver at www.macromedia.com

To build graphics: Xara's Xara X at www.xara.com

To optimize photos: Adobe's Photoshop Elements 4 at www.adobe.com

For clients to manage their website: Macromedia's Contribute at www.macromedia.com

For an easy to use HTML Editor, FTP Client, Web Video Player, Flash designer, and so much more: www.coffeecup.com

[ Get CoffeeCup - HTML Editor & Flash Software ]


Download as many browsers as you can, such as:



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