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We can host your website for $80 a year. We'll take care of the set-up and contact you yearly about renewal.


You might be able to find a cheaper rate, but no one holds your hand like we do. We provide end-to-end solutions - start to finish.








What we provide to you

Website Design and Images offers various website packages to small businesses and nonprofits. Our custom designed website packages include domain name registration (www.yourname.com or .org, .biz, .info, .net), with hosting as an extra yearly fee. We also do web-specific images such as logos, photos, animated graphics - all optimized for the web. And we create the site, images, logo etc just for you. We don't try to sell you a template site that we've sold to a dozen other clients before you. We custom design everything.


Website Packages of all sizes

Custom designed website packages begin around $500, a great place to start for new businesses. There are packages available for nonprofits, small businesses and those needing a shopping cart. Nonprofits are eligible for a reduced rate on both design and hosting rates. Visit our sister site, www.npwebsites.com, for more details. Or call or email us.


Our packages include :

  • an initial consultation in person (if local), by phone or email, if not, to determine the extent of your website design project and your needs,
  • additional consultations to ensure your satisfaction,
  • domain name registration (we register it and we renew it each year for you),
  • arrangement of a hosting provider, if you don't already have one,
  • custom header for your site, incorporating your logo (if provided in a digital format),
  • cross-browser compatibility,
  • navigational bars on all pages,
  • basic search engine marketing techniques (effective titles, meta tags, image alt text, content editing and keyword usage),
  • copyright notice at the bottom of each page,
  • proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors,
  • site map for websites with 5 or more pages.


Template Websites

If a template website interests you then visit our sister site and sign up for "WebSite Tonight". You can get a 5 page website, hosting and email included, for just $7.95 a month. You build your own site in real time. There are more than 190 professionally-designed templates to choose from. It's easy to do - just drag and drop. You can even add your own photos and graphics.


Website Hosting

Small Businesses and nonprofits need a hosting package designed with their budget in mind. A small business of less than 50 employees can obtain a hosting package that includes hosting of their website (even if we didn't designed it), unlimited email address, and a web based email client for just $80 a year, payable annually. Nonprofit and community organizations can get the same package for a reduced rate of $60 a year, payable annually.


Custom Designed Images

Web-specific images are custom designed. We use royalty free images to create logos, graphics, banner ads and the like. In addition, we use our original photography to create backgrounds and graphics for websites. For details, please contact us.


Power Point Presentations

Need to shine at your next annual meeting, board retreat, regional conference? Let us help you do a Power Point presentation that will tell the story you want in text, graphics, and photos that will make the impact you are seeking. Leave the techie stuff to us. We'll bring the laptop to you. You provide the text, images if you have them, and we'll prepare the presentation right in front of you. We'll provide you a CD of the presentation ready for the meeting, plus we can email you a copy should you need to submit it to the conference heads prior to your arrival. We will help you every step of the way. One small business helping another. Contact us for more info.


Did you know?


Having a site map on your website allows the search engine to spider your site. This is especially helpful if your home page is forwarded to a secure server, like a shopping cart such as yahoo. Help the search engine to list as many pages of your site as possible by providing a site map, with at the very least your main pages listed. A site map is also helpful to those with accessibility issues.


Content is King!


That may be a cliche, but the web's strength is the information it provides. So have your site provide worthwhile information. If you are knowledgeable on a topic, include an article you've written on your website. The search engines will find the content and those interested in your topic will find your site. At that point you have the opportunity to educate, sell your product, or just plain entertain.




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